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I like it because it is different!

I am trying to change my Holden Cruze to look like a Chevy Cruze but am having a lot of problems finding answers if Chevy parts will fit my Holden. For example I want to change the front grille with a Chevy badge. Also to buy steering wheel badge, wheel caps, sill plates and a Chevy spark plug cover. Having something different I think is good. I spoke to a guy in LA a while ago who told me someone in the U.S. does an after market front grille with the Chevy badge and also told me that the other Chevy item's above are also available, but have not heard from this guy for a while and not sure if he was being honest. So if any one can tell how I can go about doing this that would be awesome.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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