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I live in ky so it's not very cold. We've actually had days in the 70s since I got the car and the battery voltage was still 15.4.
This is high, it's a 12 volt battery that will read I'd say up to 13.5 while running and being charged by your alternator and under load(while you have electrical demands running and really cranking on this battery) in my experience (I've never had this in my 2011 Cruze ltz) you could have a short in some elctrical wiring meaning there is a touching of two or more wires messing up communication from the computer or electrical charging.

What is a tsb? I know nothing about cars lol. I haven't don't anything I just bought it about a month ago and all these issues have started. I have 3 small kids so I'm worried about having them in it not knowing what the issues going on are.
A TSB is a technical service bulletin, General Motors release not a recall but an open bulletin to Cruze owners about their negative battery terminal, the crimp at the end can be faulty and build resistance giving the computer a real hard time receiving appropriate electrical demand, and at 6 years old those problems would only get worse and pretty wild at this age, being a low cost fix (a trip to the dealer) its worth the shot

What is DIC and how do I measure it?
Drivers information center, that in the Cruze is the small screen between the rev-meter and speedometer, and nick is referring to measuring the battery voltage with an electrical meter (volt-meter)

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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