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Not a car anymore, a computer, depends on a sharp power on reset voltage to reset all the computers to zero. Try replacing your ignition relay under the cover of your engine fuse relay box, Back of it tells where the ignition relay is located at. Without a good POR, those computers will go crazy.

Measuring 15.4V on the battery terminals? Sound a bit high unless you are in subzero weather. What does your DIC say? Measured a good voltage across my battery terminals, DIC was sure low. Problem was in the battery terminals themselves, stuck in a piece of bare copper wire that turned brown, even with some green on it, copper oxide, an excellent insulator.

Drilled opposite holes in mine where that crimp is in the terminal, pulled out those corroded wires, cleaned than and soldered those in. Or can just buy new cables. Putting all those positive terminals on that plate was not a good idea either, way too close to acid fumes from the battery. Just wire brushed those clean and coated with silicone grease to help retard corrosion.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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