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First, welcome to CruzeTalk. Now on to your questions.

The TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) we're referring to is As long as you're under 120,000 miles it's a free repair.

The electrical charging system in the Cruze is variable. Normal voltages will read from 11.6 to 15.4. If you're seeing the voltage stay on the high end for long periods of time chances are your battery is near the end of it's life. However, before replacing the battery get your negative battery cable replaced. Don't be surprised on a 2011 that you need to do both. The battery is a routine maintenance item and if it's the original battery is well over five years old at this time so it's had a good long life. Also, slow cranking is another sign of a battery getting ready to strand you someplace.

DIC is shorthand for Driver's Information Center, which is the small rectangular screen between the speedometer and tachometer.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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