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Cruze Noob from oHIo

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I am an un-official Cruze mechanic by default (girlfriends car).
Been working on her car often lately and could use a little help.
Does anyone now how to remove the front cooling fan?
Hers has died. Looks like it should be easy but can't figure out how it's clipped in.
Been searching the internet for days.
Any help I GREATLY appreciated.

2012 1.8L 6-speed
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Welcome to the forum! I have not tried to remove the front cooling fan so I am not much help.
Welcome to the forums, have you tried to remove the shroud over it? Haven't got that far into ownership yet as well.
ignore the hyperlinks they wont work for you

Removal Procedure

  • Note: It is not necessary to remove the hood latches and wiring clips from the front end upper tie bar for this procedure.
  • Remove and reposition the front end upper tie bar rearward. Refer to Front End Upper Tie Bar Replacement.
  • Disconnect battery negative cable. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection.
  • Remove the radiator upper air seal.
  • Remove the left and right side radiator air baffles.
  • Position the radiator assembly forward for engine coolant fan shroud access.
  • Disconnect the engine coolant fan resistor wiring harness plug鈥(1) and remove the ground cable nut.
  • Remove the wiring harness鈥(2) and clips.
  • Unclip the engine coolant fan shroud鈥(1) at the four mounting points shown.
  • Remove the engine coolant fan shroud鈥(1).
    • Slide the engine coolant fan shroud鈥(1) toward the right side of the vehicle.
    • Lift the left hand side of the engine coolant fan shroud鈥(1) up.
    • Remove the engine coolant fan shroud鈥(1) from the vehicle.
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Awesome! So I don't have to drain the coolant?
Also do you know how to undo the clips?
I'm afraid to break them off.
I really appreciate your help!
It's getting warmer out and I don't wan to cook the engine.
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