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Cruze OBD2 or GDS software on MDI interaface?

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Hi all

I currently have a 2015 Cruze 1.8 sportwagon MY14 Aussie version.

I have been out of the trade for a couple years, and figure because I own three cars probably best time to get a scan tool to compliment any work I do at home.

Things is I am unsure of the protocols, for engine diagnostics, on the cruise.. GDS software using the MDI interface? Or can I use OBD2 for general ABS bleed, SRS, actuation tests and engine codes? I don't really want to use anything like mdi+Tis2web, as I wont be programming modules.

I was looking at these:

- Launch crp touch pro
- Foxwell nt510 or 620
- Launch Creader 9081

Budget $200 - $800 and I don't really want t owaste money or something that's not going to work on the cruze.

I will also consider PC software, and something like the elm327 but I can't really find anything information wise on Aussie cars. I appreciate any assistance from someone in the know!

Cheers fellas
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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