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Love mine.

-Interior is best-in-class IMO.
-Great stereo.
-Great looking car (RS package/kinetic blue).
-It's been dead reliable 1 year in
-Very refined powertrain - I love the glut of midrange torque the motor has, and it never gets thrashy or very loud, even under hard acceleration. The transmission usually has a very good idea of what it's doing.
-Lots of tech features for a car in this class. Unfortunately, the way GM bundles them, it's pricey.
-Pretty decent on gas. My lifetime average is ~32 MPG with a heavy city driving bias.

-I hate the tires (18" Michelin). So loud. The skinny sidewalls give it a bit of a busy ride as well (the LT Cruze with 16" wheels is extremely comfortable).
-Widely spaced highway gearing gets on my nerves when passing.
-Transmission can at times be one gear too high for what you'd like, and is stubborn about downshifting unless you give it a firm kick.
-Stop/start can be annoying at times. A 3-sec delay would solve most of my complaints with it. I like the system, but sometimes it just shuts down too soon.
-There is zero steering feel. Zero.
-Android Auto is sometimes glitchy, requiring me to remove the phone from the car's history and re-pair it. Apple CarPlay usually worked fine, but because of the phone I had, it was quite slow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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