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Hi all. I'm having rough idle and hissing noise issues with my 2012 Chevy Cruze LT. Looks like PCV issues which are well documented at the threads below.]Gen1 1.4L Turbo
175793-2011-2016-cruze-1-4l-pcv-system-explained dot html]Gen1 1.4L Turbo
192442-2011-2016-cruze-1-4-pcv-valve-cover-intake-manifold-issues dot html]Gen1 1.4L Turbo
189402-2011-2016-cruze-sonic-trax-1-4l-turbo-intake-manifold-pcv-check-valve-fix dot html
(sorry links are not clickable due to me being a new user)

I've checked the inlet manifold check valve and it does not appear to be there so it looks like I have to do the manifold replace/repair. I have a few questions on this:

1) The car started showing issues yesterday and my powertrain warranty expired 21 days ago. I called the local dealership and they said they would look at it and ask GM, maybe they'd split the repair cost. Does anybody have experience with just out-of-warranty repairs with Chevy/GM? I've never brought a car in for a warranty issue before. I'm in Canada if that's relevant. As for mileage, I'm at 81K / 160K warranty. Or I've also heard that possibly GM would simply issue parts for free/reduced price due. Anybody have experience with this?

2) If it's totally out of warranty, does anybody have experience on what GM would charge for the repair?

3) If the above options fail/are too expensive I'd probably go with XtremeRevolution's fix (3rd link above). A question regarding this: My understanding of this is it replaces the PCV/inlet manifold check valve with an external air source to the intake manifold. Does this effect fuel efficiency or engine performance rather than taking air/fuel mix from the PCV system?

4) As any of these options are going to take me a week or more to deal with, what are the effects of continuing to drive the car with the missing/ineffective PCV/inlet manifold check valve? Only degraded performance and fuel efficiency? Or is it causing other damage?

Thank-you all very much for time and knowledge.

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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Sounds like you've done some research. I have not had that issue so cannot comment on most of it except to say @XtremeRevolution 's solution will be cheaper. Just in case you are not sure of your diagnosis, look into the coil packs as another source of problems.

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