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Cruze Start Problems

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Hello everybody,

I recently have been having issues with my Cruze starting. It is a 2014 Cruze LTZ, 55,000 miles and a push start.

Last week when I got into my car after it was sitting for about one hour, the car would not start. The car kept clicking like it was trying to start but never did. So I disconnected the battery for about 5 mins then reconnected and the car started with no problems. However in the recent days the car is struggling to start however it eventually starts and drives normally but just doesn't turn over quickly as it did before.

Any ideas what it could be? My battery voltage according to my car is around 14.0 - 14.6v when driving.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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Likely a bad connection on a battery cable or a battery no longer holding a charge. Since it started after you disconnected, the idea of a bad or corroded connection makes a little more sense.

Hold the push button with your foot off the brake until the dash lights up. Scroll through the menus & look at your battery voltage there with the engine off. You should be seeing at least 12.2V.

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When the battery went out in my 2013, my first warning was that the car really, really struggled start one day. It was fine after that, but I didn't trust it. No other electrical problems, so I changed the battery. All's well after that.
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