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Cruze Transmission Fluid Change (MANUAL)

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I am not a professional, just working on my car as a hobby*

Hello everybody, I made this account to maybe find the answer for my issue with the transmission fluid.
I own a Chevy Cruze J300 2.0 125hp Diesel. It's production Date is 2009 and it's approval date is 2011.

The Problem with this Modell is, there are 0 Tutorials, or Internet Links to this car. All the Videos on youtube etc. are from newer modells, or those are automatic transmissions.
Since I have a other modell and it's a manual, it's pretty hard to find any solutions, and to be honest, I don't want to go to the mechanics to pay huge amounts of money, which I can save by doing myself.

My car doesn't have a obviously drain/fill plug. I have a clue, how I could drain it/fill it, but that's why I am here to be 100% sure and don't make a mess at the end, or more work than needed. Depends how you see it, "practise makes the master".

Does anyone have the same car, or ever worked on the same car?
I would be gratefull for any help I can get.

Don't wanna mess anything up, but is that some kind of overpressure valve? I won't do it now, but I have a guess I can fill the fluid there.

Picture3 is made from side below, not unter the transmission:
I've seen on youtube, some cars simply don't have drain plugs, and drain it by opening the whole transmission metall cover. There is also a small hex bolt, maybe the level? And on top, I am not sure, might that be the magnet for the transmission?

I haven't worked anything around, so as I said I wanted to make sure :D

Sorry for my english, but I hope some people on this english speaking forum might find a answer to that.

Best regards,

CruzeNoob :p

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Do you have a weird grey-market import vehicle? No Diesel engines other than the 2.0 (151 hp, in model years 2014-2015) were sold in North America.
First of all THANK YOU for your reply !!! :D Yes, I live in Austria, and I am not sure if this is some kind of european import version. Mine is exactly a Chevrolet Cruze LS J300 (sedan) and I got the 2.0 VCDI 125hp/92kW Diesel (but buying parts, you only find the 2.0cdi, which is the same from parts)

I am not from america, but I made that discussion, cause there aren't anywhere any videos/tutorials about this version of the car

I really think, I will have to open the pen on the side, and probably drain the oil like that. And I searched the internet a little bit, and the tube coming from the transmission is some kind of overpressure/release valve, I guess I'll need to unscrew it and fill the oil right there.馃槄

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Please post some more pictures of the whole engine bay and car exterior. Its really cool to see what else is out there.
Thank you ! :D Yes, I will post some more pictures. My car is a little "diffrent" from the others, for example, all the newer cruzes 2013-2015 have their engine oil filter bottom right side of the engine, mine is behind the top side engine at the botom. About the Synchromesh, this type of oil doesn't exist where I live, I bought some Mannol 75W-90 Universal transmission, translaxe etc. oil. We only have the brands like Mannol, LiquyMoly, Castrol, FebiBilstein etc. but no american/english oil brands.

I really hope, someone reading my post will have an answer to all that :D

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Yes, I already checked, the Mannol 75W-90 is the cheap alternative to go and compatible, but I wouldn't mind to change it more times. And about Opel, yes a lot of parts fit into mine, cause they used for the brands almost the same parts/components.

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Hi CruzeNoob,

Hab den gleichen Chevy mit 125PS und bin auch aus 脰sterreich! Vielleicht k枚nnten wir uns mal ein bisschen austauschen 眉ber unsere Autos!

LG Marcel
Klar k枚nnen wir das, aber ich bin halt nur ein Hobby Schrauber der im Rahmen von Lockdown ein neues Hobby gefunden hat. LG CruzeNoob :D
Of course we can, but I'm just a hobbyist who found a new hobby during lockdown. LG Cruze Noob

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Perfekt super :) ja ich bin auch nicht so drinnen in der Szene, ich will nur ziemlich viel selbst machen.
Welches Getriebe枚l hast du denn jetzt genommen? Weil ich hab jetzt ein 75W90 gefunden von Manol und hoff das es das richtige ist 馃槄 LG Marcel

Perfectly super :) yes, I'm not really part of the scene either, I just want to do quite a bit myself.

What gear oil did you use now? Because I've now found a 75W90 from Manol and I hope it's the right one 馃槄 LG Marcel
Hallo Marcel, tut mir voll leid f眉r die versp盲tete Antwort, da ich so ziemlich zur眉ckgetreten bin von dem ganzen. Ja ich habe mir von Amazon das Mannol 75W-90 gekauft. Laut den Specs sollte unser Auto Gl4 ben枚tigen, und Mannol hat dazu Gl4/Gl5. Aber ich habe das mit dem Getriebe eher aufgegeben, hat mir zu viel Kopfweh bereitet ^^. Falls ich dir noch irgendwie helfen konnte, dann bin ich gl眉cklich. LG

Hi Marcel, sorry for the late reply as I've pretty much stepped back from the whole thing. Yes, I bought the Mannol 75W-90 from Amazon. According to the specs, our car should require Gl4, and Mannol has Gl4/Gl5 for that. But I gave up with the gearbox, it gave me too much headache ^^. If I was able to help you in any way, then I'm happy. LG

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Hello guys, it's me again, I have good news for everyone. I managed to change the fluid, and I will soon post a video about that. So if anyone is interested just leave me a comment I'd be happy 馃榿
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