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Kenny Powers
I have just had the exact same sysmtoms,I have a 2010 CD diesel,I hadn't used the car in a few days and I started to rerun some wiring(just to tidy things up a little)to get some of my accessories running correctly off of the ignition.

I did an initial test of my work,everything work well,then on the next test everything went haywire,lights flashing,hazards turning on,radio changing stations and modes,first I thought I had damaged something rerunning my wiring,as it was getting late and dark,I walked away from them problem(panicking I have to say) I put my battery chargerm on the car overnight,in the morning I checked the battery leads,several of the earthing points,all mine turned out to be was a couple of loose earthing points and a flatish battery.
As someone else said these cars being fully computerised you can not have any fluxuation of voltage or amps,just sends the computer spastic.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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