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Eddy cruze, I Just made a post about the Battery a week ago, the Battery Is warrantied for 30 months, If it goes bad, take it out and bring it into the Chevy/gmc parts counter. no receipt needed, the date code is on the battery itself, just had mine swapped out after 26 months..It will go out again in 26 months as they are **** batteries, then I will get another one for free again....This was my second one replaced for free, last week when I called my service guy he was like NO NO, once your B2B 3/36k runs out so does your battery warranty! BS! I just took it out and brought it straight to a a/c delco parts counter at a GMC dealership.....

So Actually the original warranty of 3 years/ 36K is the best warranty for your 30 Month Battery, unless you drove 37K lets say and your Battery went bad in under 30 months like they normally do, in that case you need to Take the battery out yourself and bring it into the parts counter....And you get a new 30 month warranty everytime...

My LTZ is power hungry with these heated seats, nav, and the other electrical stuff going on, it likes to eat these Delco 47PS (you know what the PS stands for (Piece Shi*) batterys up ever 2 years, it actually really great, I will never have to buy a battery as long as I own this car!

Also I Noticed that my second 47PS battery was 600CCA and now the third one I'm on is back down to 525CCA...Great news for me! better chance its going to go out again quickly!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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