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Cruze, when put in park rear doors don't unlock

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Front doors unlock when put in park but not the back doors

How do you make all the doors unlock?

And when keyless entry unlock is pressed only drivers side door is unlocked

How do you press keyless entry once and have all doors unlocked?
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Do you have child safety locks enabled on the back doors? I'd check that first, then make sure you have the car set up to unlock ALL doors. Look in your owners manual for how to fix all the problems you've described in your original post. For a 2014 Cruze (not sure what year yours is) it starts on page 2-1 of your owners manual. It should be a pretty easy fix.
2011-to early 2014 build, the window lock button is the child door lock button.

config button as described above gets you to vehicle settings where you can change doors unlock in park and 1 press unlock remote.
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I would have sworn that I had actual mechanical child safety locks on the rear doors of my 2012 Eco ... Then again, I go through vehicles so fast, I could have it confused with another vehicle I owned at some point in the last 10 years ... LOL
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It is a 2012, I will check the window locks,,,how do you change the keyless entry to one push yo unlock all doors
How do you know if you have child safety locks enabled on the back doors?
If I could find the problems in the manual I would not be posting on here need instructions how to do both
My 2012 has a LED on the door buttons that lights up anytime the rear door locks are set in child mode. Also, there is a setting the infotainment system that unlocks just the driver door or all doors on the first remote unlock. The next time this happens check the front passenger door and see if it's locked or unlocked. If it's locked look through the infotainment system's controls for the door setting. If it's unlocked then check for the child lock LED on the driver door lock controls.
Page 27 of owners manual:
Keyless Access Operation The Keyless Access system allows for the doors and trunk to be locked and unlocked without pressing the RKE transmitter button. The RKE transmitter must be within 1m (3 ft) of the door being opened. If the vehicle has this feature, there will be a button on the outside door handles. Keyless Access can be programmed to unlock all doors on the first lock/unlock press from the driver door.

or page 125
Auto Door Unlock This allows selection of which doors will automatically unlock when the vehicle is shifted into P(Park) with an automatic transmission or when the key is removed from the ignition with a manual transmission with keyed ignition or when the vehicle is turned off with a manual transmission with pushbutton start.
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