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I agree with you about having no desire to have leather seating in the car as well as the awesomeness that having heated cloth in this car would bring! Its so funny that people who make these cars seem so out of tune with what the average consumer would want/need in a car!

Back in the old days, they merely had a laundry list of options from which to chose - they didn't need to try to anticipate what the average consumer wanted, since each consumer could create his own custom build if he wanted. However, in the interests of economy-of-scale, it is smarter to try to create packages and limited options that (mostly) satisfy the largest number of potential customers. Honda and the other Japanese led the way with that - building in Japan precluded custom ordering due to the long lead times. People snapped them up faster than they could be built, at premiums over MSRP (this wasn't necessarily the reason, but it showed the auto world that you didn't need so many options).

It also created the expectation in consumer's minds that they could "drive away today" - something you can't do if you have to order to spec.

Later, Chrysler made money hand-over-fist with it's "America" specific content versions of it's cars, mostly by browbeating the suppliers with promises of large orders if they lowered their per-unit cost.
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