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Manuals rock!
They pkg stuff different for different markets and to get leather it was LTZ only and it was more than $1.8K. I have pretty much every option except power vanity mirrors (convenience group) and what comes with the LTZ in cdn. I have found that power seats often limit the range of the seat movement, add weight and of course if it breaks.... Now if I wasn't the only one driving and it had memory buttons that would be a whole different kettle of fish.
I just sat in a focus and it had cloth seats with variable heat settings. Unfortunately without adding "ST" I wouldn't buy one. I was playing with the dreaded MyFord touch interface and I don't know if it's the upgraded one but it still sucked. Being called a knob should be a compliment because they are one of the best touch interfaces for hvac and radio I know of.
One thing that gm has that I love is the fact that I never have to turn my headlight on or do I need to turn up the radio on the hwy. The car automatically does that for me. I was disappointed that they move the auto volume to the menu instead of it old place as a secondary ring around volume. Now if we could get the ford thing that slows your wipers when you stop at an intersection.
I was wondering does anyone know why they reversed the fan and temp controls, I am always grabbing the wrong one.
Fan and temp controls are that way because the car started as a right hand drive overseas.

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