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Comparison Test: Compact Cars - | Page 6

The cruze finished first in front of the new focus, jetta, mazda 3, civic,
corolla, imprezza, sentra and elantra. Oddly though this comment was
made about the cruze, they had "admiration for the smooth shifting six-speed
automatic transmission that always seemed to intuitively know which
gear you wanted to be in"
Gee I wana buy this car...wait I already own one. Did they fix the tranny
or what? I would say by the posts in this forumn that NO would be the answer.

I used to take these kind of reviews as gospel but now that I have owned
a brand new car (my first) I realize that if I was to choose a different make of
car in the segment, that their would be as much too lose as to gain. Unless this car develops
huge reliability problems, I have grown accustomed to the strengths of the cruze.
It's quiet, has a huge trunk, great seats (14hours straight driving)and great
hwy mpg. It owns the hwy as great vacation car. It handles so well, I would love
to buy some sticky rubber just to see what the limits truly are and to find out if
I am right about how bad the oem tires in any season. Plus I like the way it looks
inside and out.
The things I would change would be a manual trany (now available), get rid of two doors
dump the factory remote start for something that allows for longer run times, better
range and heated cloth seats. The lack of heated cloth seats is a huge mistake and I have no
desire to pay for leather seats heated or not. A car with a 1.4L engine that sits outside
in -30 weather for 4 days takes an interminable amount of time to warm up.
Their is a reason that a 1.4L engine is good on gas it's doesn't use a lot of energy
which means that it does not produce a lot less waste heat so less heat in the cabin.
Heated cloth seats would be wonderful. I make do with a heated cushion
but it's a stop gap nothing more. nuf said for now.
One thing that is new is that I am now getting about 25ish mpg imp. around
town. Winter warmups really take a bite out of that figure.
nuf said for now.

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Leather power electric heated seats, rear center fold down arm rest, not one, but two cup holders, plus an upgraded radio, spare tire, and jack for a thousand bucks was a great deal. How many compact cars have beautiful Rolls Royce like tan leather seats?
Manuals rock!
They pkg stuff different for different markets and to get leather it was LTZ only and it was more than $1.8K. I have pretty much every option except power vanity mirrors (convenience group) and what comes with the LTZ in cdn. I have found that power seats often limit the range of the seat movement, add weight and of course if it breaks.... Now if I wasn't the only one driving and it had memory buttons that would be a whole different kettle of fish.
I just sat in a focus and it had cloth seats with variable heat settings. Unfortunately without adding "ST" I wouldn't buy one. I was playing with the dreaded MyFord touch interface and I don't know if it's the upgraded one but it still sucked. Being called a knob should be a compliment because they are one of the best touch interfaces for hvac and radio I know of.
One thing that gm has that I love is the fact that I never have to turn my headlight on or do I need to turn up the radio on the hwy. The car automatically does that for me. I was disappointed that they move the auto volume to the menu instead of it old place as a secondary ring around volume. Now if we could get the ford thing that slows your wipers when you stop at an intersection.
I was wondering does anyone know why they reversed the fan and temp controls, I am always grabbing the wrong one.
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