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BLUF: If you wish to post an item please:

1. Type a descriptive title including a FS/FST/WTB/WTT/Free tag

2. Post a variety of pictures showing item and condition

3. Set a price for each item or grouping

4. Follow up every 30 days to continue the listing or mark it Sold or Closed

5. Please do not delete the listing when finished.

When you decide you wish to post an item or items for sale, you will need to upload photos of the item(s) and put an asking price for each one. This is not an auction site and none of us are mind readers. or free or wanted to trade etc.

Having said that, you are always free to use the PM system to bargain out of the public’s eye. You may think that since you are the first to go, you lose an advantage. Well, this is a community site and not the open market. If you feel the need, list it at a higher initial price at the risk of losing interested buyers.

After your item or items are sold, you need to promptly list them as sold or if the occasion warrants it, pending. After 30 days, if you are still trying to sell, Bump your listing To the Top (TTT). If you fail to do so, after a period of at least 30 days, the moderators may close your listing . If you had inadvertently forgot, you could also request that the listing be reopened instead of retyping it. This will be done at the discretion of whatever moderator receives your request.

After the sale is complete, and you have listed it as sold, the mods will close and lock the listing. Please do not delete the listing and pictures as it provides a historical record for parts and prices so someone who is looking for a particular item can see what the past prices and conditions were for a reference for a future purchase. It also allows someone to see what the different items available for our platform are.

As we do not allow the trafficking of stolen items on our forum and because you are able to choose to bargain out of the public eye, there should be no reason to delete any listing. Just remember to be respectful in your language and all is good.

If you choose to not follow the rules, the listing will not be approved and then subsequently deleted. Repeat violations will result in a ban.
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Not open for further replies.