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Custom / Aftermarket Sat-Nav and AirPlay addition to original Head Unit

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Hi All,

I found on the internet that some companies / people out there able to attach an additional device to the original Head Unit to provide iGo Sat/Nav + Airplay / MirrorLink features. They are not getting rid of the original head unit at all. Simply attaching new devices to provide these features.

Their only requirement is that car should already have head unit with color touch screen.

Here is the one only for iGo sat nav on Gumtree (this guy can also fit reverse camera and airplay/mirrorlink options for extra $400 aud)

These guys can do all: Link for AirPlay / MirrorLink and link for sat/nav

I spoke with the guy the one that have advertisement on Gumtree; he is happy to post/send me the hardware and installation instructions.

I wonder what those devices are?

Does anybody know?

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I'm keen to find out. Does the price include install? How much does he want for just parts?
I'm keen to find out. Does the price include install? How much does he want for just parts?
Yes price includes installation. Pricing I have been told is that nav = $900UAD, reverse camera = $200 and airplay/mirrorlink = $ 200. all installed.

Having said that, I have found what they are using. A video interface module. There 2 types of it. One with HDMI and other one without HDMI. This is the main device that everything happens. It becomes the center of the infotainment system. It goes in between head unit and the display. Video interface designed for Mylink and has specific harnesses so all should be plug and play (according to vendor). It has reverse camera input, front camera input etc.

My plan is to buy one of this HDMI video interfaces and install it. I have an Android HDMI stick for TV. If I can get GPS working on it then all my problems will be solved and my wishes will come true. I GPS doesn't work on the Android Stick, then I will need to get compatible GPS box for this video interface which is not a big deal.

If I can achieve this setup then head unit with original sat/nav loses its importance.

Happy explain more about what I know if anyone interested.
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