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Custom steering wheel cover

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Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anybody has treated their steering wheel with one of those custom, hand-stitched leather covers?
I really don't like my wheel as it is at the moment, and really like the look of these (I've included a couple of photos of what I'm looking for).

If I did something like this, do you think it would hold around the wheel well, or would it be a sliding all over the place nightmare?
Would be keen to see if anybody did this, and if so, where you bought the kit from? (I'm in Australia but would order from the US or UK if needed).


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I take it your wheel is not leather? Why not just find a wheel you like and install it. Much better than a cover, I know Sonic and Camaro wheels fit. I would also think that Malibu/Impala wheels would also fit. Just look at other Holden vehicles and see what strikes your fancy. It is done with just a few simple tools. I am actually going out after I finish here on CruzeTalk to change mine to a Camaro Hot Wheels one with red stitching.

How to remove and replace your steering wheel

Mine's done:
How-To: Add a Working Paddle Shift Steering Wheel

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I take it your wheel is not leather?
Nah it's not leather. It's made out of a weird substance that doesn't feel so great, and scuffs easily.
I might just do that - take a decent looking wheel and chuck it on.
Cheers. :)
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