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Cylinder Misfire and Coil Testing

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Hi everybody,

I'm Luis from Portugal and I drive a 1.6 Petrol Cruze.

Yesterday I got the "check engine light" while driving on the highway, and noticed the car loosing power.
When I plugged in the OBD2 sensor it read "Cylinder 4 Misfire", so I checked the usual suspects spark plugs, cables and coil pack (using an ohm meter).

This is what I got:

Coil 1: 12.72 KOhm
Coil 2: 12.72 KOhm
Coil 3: 12.83 KOhm
Coil 4: 2.87 KOhm

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Is this 100% prove that the coil pack is bad and needs replacement?

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Hi, I have the same problem, same ohm values of the coils .... cylinder 4 misfire problem, how did you solve it ???
Hi, I have the same problem, same ohm values of the coils .... cylinder 4 misfire problem, how did you solve it ???
I would buy a new coil pack if your measurements are correct.

Tips to ensure no misfires occur because of changing the coil pack:

Remove the coil pack. If the boots are stuck on, use a small screwdriver or pick with some dielectric grease on it to go around the outside of the boot and then possibly the inside of the boot to help aid in removal.

Remember to (p)re-gap your plugs to .028,

Set gap with the black portion of this tool.

Measure the gap with feeler gauges.


Throw this away.


Torque to 18 ft-lbs with no anti-seize on the threads of a stock type plug.

Ensure the boots have no rips/tears or holes in them, lightly coat them with dielectric/silicone grease and make sure the resister springs are clean and not caught up in the boots when you install them.

If the plugs look bad, consider these:

-BKR8EIX-2668 (iridium plugs), ~$25, expect ~10-15k regaps on these, ~40-50k overall life.
-BKR7E-4644 (nickel/copper plugs), ~$8, expect 15-25K out of these plugs, with a regap or two required at 5-8k intervals on stock tune.

Read Hesitation Gone! for more info on the plugs.
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thanks for the answer ... I solved changing the coil pack and putting new spark ....

checked all the thicknesses and the new coil pack ... and everything is ok
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How exactly do you measure the secondary resistance of the coil pack on cruze 1.8? I set the resistance setting to 20 kohms, placed the red probe on the positive pin and connect the black probe to the inside end of each coil but the meter remains unchanged each time i.e. the screen just shows number 1 as it does when the ohmmeter is idle.
Also, is a primary coil resistance of 0.9 ohms normal?
Please help
Hi Luis,

Could you tell me how to measure the Oms for each coil same like your one?

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