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On Tuesday, April 3rd 2018 I dropped my Cruze off for service which consisted of replacing a leaking valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and torque converter seal, all things that had to be replaced on a car that doesn’t even have 100,000 miles on it yet thanks to poor manufacturing by General Motors. I’m grateful that I purchased a third party warranty because the manufacturer warranties wouldn’t have convered it due to it being a 2011. So that was already a strike by this company.

Unfortunately their poor quality as a company was shown again when I came to retrieve my Cruze today only to find 3 dents in my rear quarter panel passengers side of the car. The damage stood out so much that when pulling up to the dealership I could see it without even getting up on the car! In fact the damage was so obvious that I honestly thought it could possibly be a prank or a joke. Not only are there small dents but there is also paint damage to my vehicle down to the primer or possibly metal. Immediately alerted the dealership staff before touching or driving off in the car. One of their workers came out and took pictures of the damage on his phone.

This is complete nightmare. And to make it worse they had the nerve to call me asking if I wanted to have a headlight that blew out replaced for over 50 dollars. You can notice that a headlight isn’t working inside of a brightly lit dealership, but you somehow didn’t noticed how you damaged my car. Once I popped the hood I simple rotated the headlamp bulb assembly/connector and it came back on. It was just loose.

But anyway, this is the second time this has happened to me at a GM/Chevrolet dealership since the life of the vehicle. Back in 2013 I had a dealership repaint both rocker panels after a technician use incorrect lift points to raise my vehicle for a tire service. They did fix the service, however like I already knew would happen, years down the road part of that area that they refinished has began to rust. Didn’t even bother to try to go back to that dealer and debate that that was the cause of the rust because it just so happens to be on an area that commonly gets rusty in the area I live in, but I know it was the cause.

So here I am now years later with quarter panel damage that likely has to be repainted. How Can I even trust that they will perform a successful repair since they didn’t before when the car was still somewhat new? While I enjoyed driving the 2018 loaner Cruze they gave me, not everyone has the ability to up and buy a new car all the time. This was one of the cars I decided I was going to keep until the “wheels fall off” due to financial changes in life, but unfortunately Chevrolet is determined not to let that happen since owning this car. Just because a car isn’t a performance car or the current model year doesn’t mean it doesn’t at least hold some value and benefit to the owner who has spent these years taking care of it and keeping it in like new condition. It’s like they didn’t even try to cover the damage.

Almost as if to say “oh he won’t care about this old thing”. Anyway I just needed to vent as well as get advice on what to do just In case they try to pretend they didn’t damage it simply because it’s a 2011 and the older cars are the less likely they are to not have damage. The staff member that I talked to claimed they would look at security cameras but what security camera is actually going to be able to pick up on some dings that easily? The car had been there since 4/3/18 to 4/7/18. Who on earth is going to look at that many hours of surveillance footage to see dents and scratches occur from
such a distance?

I must be getting old - I had to put some breaks in the paragraph. It is too hard to find my place when stopping and restarting reading.
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