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2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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Can anyone post a schematic of the 1st gen dash light sensor? There are 6 pins and I'd like to know what the function for each is.

I do not have the schematic, but I do have a question. What is the "dash light sensor" or more importantly, what is it for? Does it sense daylight, as I thought that was in the drivers fog light housing.

Just wondering...

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Pin 1 - Security Indicator Control
Pin 2 - Solar Sensor Driver Signal (RPO C68)
Pin 3 - Inside air temperature sensor signal (RPO C68)
Pin 4 - Solar Sensor Pulsed supply voltage (RPO C68)
Pin 5 - Ambient Light Sensor signal
Pin 6 - ground

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Bet it took some time to find the connector pinouts since there are hundreds of these with no index. Here is the circuit diagram showing the ambient light sensor. Pins 1-4 are part of the MVAC circuit.

Text Circuit component Diagram Technical drawing Floor plan

Looks like an error, line fed to the MVAC controller is ground. with light, the photocell has a low resistance presenting a logical 0 to the BCM that will keep the headlamps off.

The purpose of it is also to kick the AC into high mode during daylight when more cooling is required. If grounded all the time like this circuit shows, will be in high mode all the time.

Darkness presents a high photocell resistance, a logical 1 to the BCM to switch them on.

Are you having a problem with yours?
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