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Data Log Viewer

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I get a request for the log viewer I built for trifecta logs at least once a week. Unfortunately I do not have the code any longer and doubtful it would even still work with newer logs. I know some of you have the DS InTune or i2 now which is awesome because you can get their Data Viewer for free and it's a great setup. But, for everyone else, there is a solution. Even those of you with Trifecta tunes.

Torque Pro. Yep. It's the only solution I have right now for my Genesis, so I've gone ahead and built a log viewer for Torque Pro logs. You can get a copy of it here

Download Torque Pro Log Viewer

As it was with the Cruze log reader for trifecta, this is free. But this is much better than the cruze log reader because I modeled it after the DiabloSport DataViewer, so you can map multiple PIDs at once instead of only 2.

Anyway, I'll be continuously working on this to add new features. I do appreciate the emails and messages I get about the reader for trifecta logs, but I just don't have access any more. Sorry. But this is better.

If you don't know how to data log with Torque Pro, I've written a how-to on the genesis forum here
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I clicked on the link and it didn't do anything from my phone or tablet
I clicked on the link and it didn't do anything from my phone or tablet
it's a desktop app for Windows, not mobile.
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