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Daylight headlights deactivation

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My issue is that the headlights on my cruze come on on 2 out of 3 positions, more exactly on headlights on - low beam (as they should) and on the OFF position (which is the problem), the only position where they do not is the sides but this is still annoying as it dims the indicators on the buttons inside making them hard to see during the day, keeping the low beams on during the day makes other drivers get angry and flash their high beams at me.
My car doesn't have automatic headlights. (the trim level is LS, that model with the small head unit display)
As I've read this is due to some law within the US which mandates motorists to keep the low beam off during the day within the cities, in the EU this is not required (it is required only on motorways and highways only).
I've searched for a option to turn it off on the head unit also with the delphi DS150E tester I have but no luck so far.
The car has 2 breakers inside, one for each headlight, I've tried pulling those out but, as expected, that way the headlights were not working at all.
Is there any way to turn that off? This behaviour is done by the BCM or the actual switch?
I've seen a video on youtube with a guy that dismantled the switch and pulled something out of it but, unlike his, mine has no automatic headlights.
If this is done by the switch itself how should I modify it or are there aftermarket switches that have no such behaviour?

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The only way I found are by adding 2 switchs, 1 for each headlights. I cut the wire from bcm, that sending the current for the headlight, and put a switch. I know that suck but it work
That's the same thing I've found but not applied, I've tested this by unplugging the two fuses for the headlights (apparently this car has a sepparate fuse for each headlight bulb, don't know if other cars have the same, never checked the fuse on my previous car to he honest
Well, my workaround is to use the side lights.
Otherwise I'd end up getting high beame'd by other drivers and put unnecessary wear on the headlight bulbs (which, if the US based designers at chevy took inspiration from the EU based designers, then those bulbs are a absolute pain to change if you don't have the hands and arms of a professional contortionist if you know what I'm saying)
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