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DDM M32 Short Shifter and ZZP Cable Clamp

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Gents, DDM Short shifter showed up yesterday and I will be installing this weekend. Stand by for pictures and updates. My questions is.... Do you know why the ZZP or BNR cable clamps can not be used on the Cruze transmission. I can't tell what the difference is from my online research. Thanks

BNR Cable Clamp for Chevrolet Sonic
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Productive Saturday Afternoon

Gentlemen, Follow-up as promised. Completed the following items.

1) DDM Short Shifter installed.
2) ZZP down and mid-pipe installed in front of Borla Exhaust... (Much Louder)
3) Eibach Pro Springs.

Learned a few things.
-There is a clip that holds the reverse lever to the trans, removing that makes removing the shifter arm easier. (See Pictures)
-Eibach Pro Springs reduce body roll, but as many previous posters have noted. Doesn't slam the car.
-Regarding the orginal post. This is the answer from ZZP: "The Cruze uses a different cable that is not compatible with the clamp.Answer by: Kyle D (Admin) on Mar 23, 2018 12:28:00 PM"

Comments and thoughts are welcome.



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I have an auto, but also a sweet spot for manuals.

This is a very good beginning a "How To:" tutorial. Do you have enough time to polish it up a bit? If so look at this thread - How-To: Write a Tutorial - and then post your finished product here: Gen1 Engine/Transmission Tutorials
Thanks for the write up.
I like doing the tutorials and have made many a decent youtube video and various posts on other forums in a refined manner as you suggest. Time is not the real issue... I believe there are enough resources on this site for the short shifter swap that my addition would be clutter. So I added my bit about the clip as I am hoping someone who knows how to google with stumble across it. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it! Hope you have big plans for spring, it's coming.
OP: Thanks for taking the time to report out on your findings! They are appreciated!

Give us your thoughts on the short shifter, is it worth doing (assuming the owner enjoys "spirited" driving)?

Is there some adjustment required to the shift mechanism after installation to get the shifter functionality back?

Thank you for reading my post! Now that I have a few trips under my belt... My thoughts...So the short shift from DDM had great CNC work, I didn't see any issues with the machining at all. Final fit on the transmission was great. Nice and tight but not so much so I had to use the nut to press it on. Zero adjustments were necessary on any aspect of the linkage and the shifter feels great. The throw is noticeably shorter, resistance is minimal but you can "feel" when it goes into gear, kind of a satisfying "click" into place. (the click is a feeling, not a noise). It is about a 15-20 minute project and definitely is a nice upgrade. Highly recommend.

PS. Skip on the extra weights they sell, it is plenty easy to get it into gear without them.
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