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Dead short on power steering module lead

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On my 2013 Cruze, I've had similar electrical issues as reported in previous posts relating to dash warning lights coming on, radio settings changing and dead battery. After several recharging's of battery, the last time I did, my charger went into massive load mode and started smoking. I disconnected quickly. Disconnected car from battery, charged and had tested, completely gone. In diagnosing I found that when measuring resistance from ground to each load attached to main power distribution buss that there was an immediate dead short on the power steering module lead. The only load shown in diagrams is the steering motor, for which I don't believe should show a dead short. I've read of defective negative battery cable being at fault for similar symptoms, but with above findings, don't believe this to be the case in my scenario. Can anyone enlighten me on possible causes/fixes? Could I have a defective power steering wiring harness?