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We want to help you fix your Cruze as quickly as possible. To do that, we need some basic information, such as:

1.I have a dual transmission on the 2011 LT Cruze
2. 97,476
3. Check engine light came on.
4. Transmission
5. I have less than 100K on the car and the transmission suddenly died. It does not go into drive. Reverse and neutral are fine though.
6. USA
7. LHD

Prior to this issue.I have had this car in the shop several times for electrical issues. The longest time my car was in for service was 3 months. Whenever it would rain, the stabilitrak would act up and also affect the power steering. The car will briefly jerk to the right and the dashboard will blink like crazy. Calling Onstar is pointless because they are unable to read the code while the dashboard is erradically blinking on and off. I have replaced the battery two times; the car has randomly not started and only a jump solved the issue. I am afraid of listening to music while washing the car because the battery drains. Calling the dealership, they treat me like an imbecile saying the car wasnt meant to be able to listen to music with the car off. SERIOUSLY. I am absolutely furious that I now have to replace the transmission !!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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