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Yeah haven't heard much talk about that here but dealers are just like any store, mention the competition and you get their attention. Selling something for slightly less (or the same price) is better than not selling it at all.
Well that's if you get someone who cares about their workplace and is high up enough to matter.

Walked into home depot today asked for a manager to get 10% off and they weren't having it. Said thank you and went across the street. Ran into a manager as I walked in, mentioned I was comparing prices on some things. Gave me 10%, free shipping to my house instead of the store and a 10% card for next visit. Difference between an unhappy employee and someone who's work depends on how their store is viewed.

As far as those items are concerned, I'd recommend doing some googling as i'm sure you may find cheaper somewhere other than the dealer.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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