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Dealer Recommended Wrong Oil

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So I went in for my 7500 mile oil change and the dealer recommended Mobil Delvac 1 ESP as the synthetic oil for my car.

They were very understanding and used my Mobil 1 ESP 5w30. Seems the education still isn't getting through.

I was also told by one employee that I would void my warranty if I used a non-Dexos 2 oil. Not really confidence inspiring but they were willing to listen to my concerns.

I hope they get this figured out. Officially there is no listed synthetic oil for the Cruze in the GM parts manual.

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Had my first oil change tuesday at Bill Estes Chevrolet. (one of the best dealerships in the country) and it of course went without drama. for everyone using dexos2, here are the p/n's for the oil change for anyone who cares

5557703 - filter
88865157 - dexos2 oil
19286292 - DEF fluid
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