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I was just experimenting with this very subject using my original BCM and one I obtained for testing. In fact, I think it was your very issue that prompted me to start my experiments!

According to the datasheet for the programming chip, when the BCM is connected to power supply the chip enters a locked state and can not be modified. The unit would have to be connected to ground to change anything that way. There is also a power-on reset protection feature that prevents accidental data writing after a reset of the chip.

It CAN be reprogrammed at a dealership or shop while in a vehicle using special equipment, but there they have to physically verify the original units mileage to program it into the new unit.

I can't say that it was a deliberate modification.. they could have accidentally pulled the mileage from the wrong vehicle.

I do have a recommendation: Contact Onstar support and see if they can pull for you any data records for your vehicle prior to the bcm replacement. I'm not certain if they actively document that stuff unless your account is active (even the free basic account is fine), but it might be your best way to get proof of an error.
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