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I dropped my 2011 Chevy Cruz off at a body shop referred to me by my ins company after a minor accident. Due to an electrical issue (my key was locked in the ignition, my trunk wouldn’t open, and nothing my center console was working) the car was sent to the dealership. The dealership replaced my BCM and said the issue was fixed. When I dropped my car off the mileage was at 76k, when I picked it up it was at 113k.
The ins company said that the electrical issue cause the speed up of mileage, which was apparently at 112 when received by the dealership, and when the new one was programmed, it was programmed to match the “in” minleage.
My family is convinced that the anti fraud system prevents mistakes like this and I may be a victim of fraud. I should add that the body shop was extremely sketchy and I had numerous issue with them, including extending the time for my car to be fixed from a week to a month. I would call and check on my vehicle and the rep would say he has no idea what’s going on with my car- he would call me back. I had to call the ins company for updates.
What evidence do you have to prove mileage should be 76K? Any recent service records, motor vehicle inspections, etc establishing mileage within a week or two of the accident?

You will need to gather evidence/proof first and foremost, otherwise it’s your word against theirs.

From a Google Search:
If you think you've been the victim of odometer fraud, you must contact your local law enforcement agency. For large scale investigations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation can provide assistance. You may help an investigation by reporting a suspicious VIN to the NHTSA Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation at (202) 366-4761.The NHTSA Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation may help you with general inquiries about odometers and may be able to help you to determine if other legal or law enforcement authorities need to be contacted. Contacting your state motor vehicle department can also help you as each state law, on handling odometer fraud, will vary.
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