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Decided on these wheels

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Here is my car and the wheels I have decided on, they are the MSR 045's in gray. I just can't decide whether to get 17's and use my current tires, or go ahead and get 18's and new tires. I am planning on some Eibach Pro drop springs soon as well.

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18's of those on my ECO this summer... Eibachs going on this Friday.

I think it will be a great setup...

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I thought i read those dont come in our bolt pattern. They carry a new mesh wheel that is 5x105.
I thought i read those dont come in our bolt pattern. They carry a new mesh wheel that is 5x105.
Well I can dream!

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I think the grey wheels with the Auburn Metallic will look awesome. Great choice. I'd say go 18, but that is a bunch of extra coin. I'd have a hard time with that decision. You can use the 17s for winters or sell them to help pay for the new package.
I will be selling my ECO wheels when I scoop up my 18's... Won't be driving the Cruze in the winters anymore.

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I will more than likely just throw the factory 17's in the garage and put them back on when I trade this one in. At 30k+ miles a year I will only have it for 3 years before it's gone. I think I have decided to go with the 18's and some Goodyear Eagle GT All Seasons. It will probably be a month or two before I order them.
Yup, that's pretty much the exact rim I'd buy if I were looking for some. Goodstuff.
How much are those Rims coming in on Weight? I'm liking the weight on the stock rims for the ECO to much... that I was planning on just blacking them out this weekend...possibly. I haven't been able to find rims that weigh the same. I know that even at 20lbs a rim isn't gunna make a real difference between the stock ones... but weight is weight....
However though I do like those rims... now only if the were matte black.
I'm willing to go for the weight gain... I'm hoping the drop makes up for the fuel economy hit from heavier rim/tires... Long shot tho!

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Msr 045

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