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Deer hit me on way to work this morning. Picture inside....

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Yes I said that right the deer LITERALLY HIT ME on way to work. How you ask? Well there I am driving happy as can be down a road cruising at 55 MPH when suddenly ****ING BAM something hit me. I was confused as hell and pulled over and the other guy behind me pulled over as well. Turns out a buck ran straight into my vehicle before taking back off into the woods. I never saw it. I have no idea how much this is going to set me back but I'm pretty pissed I love this car. I submitted a claim to USAA and it will be covered under my comprehensive plan I just hope the process isn't to painful. On the plus side getting the police there is quick because this is on a Department of Energy site.


Update - Got estimate back from USAA they estimated a little over $2,600 and took off $250 for deductible. I spoke to a local body shop who says they can get me in next week. The "trusted" place told me they could not get me repaired until almost June because of a wait list. I'm probably going to take it to local place in my small town instead. USAA says I should get a check in the next 5-7 days. USAA estimated a bunch of random stuff but the two big items are replacing the door and fixing the quarter panel.

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I feel your pain. I had a Doe do a body slam on the front fender of my Vibe Tuesday morning. I got lucky though on damage. New side mirror, popped the dent out (Cant tell anything happened) and broke the seal somewhere on the headlight. I already had 2 new headlights ready for LED projector retrofits. 🖖
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