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Deer hit me on way to work this morning. Picture inside....

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Yes I said that right the deer LITERALLY HIT ME on way to work. How you ask? Well there I am driving happy as can be down a road cruising at 55 MPH when suddenly ****ING BAM something hit me. I was confused as hell and pulled over and the other guy behind me pulled over as well. Turns out a buck ran straight into my vehicle before taking back off into the woods. I never saw it. I have no idea how much this is going to set me back but I'm pretty pissed I love this car. I submitted a claim to USAA and it will be covered under my comprehensive plan I just hope the process isn't to painful. On the plus side getting the police there is quick because this is on a Department of Energy site.


Update - Got estimate back from USAA they estimated a little over $2,600 and took off $250 for deductible. I spoke to a local body shop who says they can get me in next week. The "trusted" place told me they could not get me repaired until almost June because of a wait list. I'm probably going to take it to local place in my small town instead. USAA says I should get a check in the next 5-7 days. USAA estimated a bunch of random stuff but the two big items are replacing the door and fixing the quarter panel.

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That sucks! Nothing you could have done about it.

I think it would be a good idea to shop around with good body shops for estimates. That way, you have some idea of prices before taking whatever USAA offers.

You also might want to check out Kelly Blue Book to find the current value so you know what the threshold of "totaled" is.
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