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DEF quantity reset help

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First off, what a FANTASTIC Forum. Thanks to the creators and monitors of the site. Ok, I have a 2018 diesel with 55k miles. So far no problems. (by the way, I had to rent a car (Honda 2023) and couldn't believe how different the steering was compared to my Opel (oops Cruze). VW, etc. have much much better feel for steering input... Oops, got off track. My % DEF fluid was around 17%, so I added fluid till full. It says do not fill completely, but how can one know when to stop????? )%&)%&Q#(%& anyway, the reading went up to 20% and stayed there. Read online stuff, disconnected battery for hours, drove maybe 75 miles, let it idle for 30 minutes and then HOPED it would reset. Nope, it now reads 18%, I scanned it and the Code was "0 DTC" which i think means that there are no problems.

So question, will it EVER reset by itself? I really worry about taking it to the Dealer. However, I noticed that the Warranty for emissions items is 8 years or 80,000 miles. So maybe if there is a sensor problem, it will be covered? (but the reading is going down, so I think the sensor (s) are working.

Sorry for such a long message. regards dave
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My dealership told me that the DEF pump is not covered under the emissions warranty. Strange but true. I replaced my DEF pump to solve a quantity indication issue. Expensive part to replace at the dealership. I replaced it myself. Much cheaper if your capable of doing it yourself.
It usually resets after driving for a bit.

Also if you read what is covered under the federal emissions warranty it's essentially only the catalysts themselves.
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