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Delay engaging drive

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Have a Cuze LTZ 2011 1.4 auto six spd. Have noticed a few times when selecting Drive from a stopped position that it pauses before engaging drive. In fact I thought a couple times it engaged only to hear it rev up and then engage drive. Anyone know when this fluid should be changed? Must be some sort of inspection hole for level but no dip stick. I am thinking maybe the solenoid is sticking but could be other things to. Nobody has ever indicated a low fluid level or added any, does the trans have any indicator for low fluid?
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Fluid change is recommended @ 45K. It's probably way past that by now being a 2011. Dirty fluid will definitely delay or make for some clunky shifts.

There is a check hole for fluid - transmission has to be warmed up, running, and on a flat surface. Fluid should dribble out when filled properly.
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