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Hey guys, I deleted my muffler about 3 months ago now then deleted the resonator the next day! I don't mind the sound but now that it's warmer, I'm sure the warm air in the engine is the cause of it being much quieter than it was in the winter!

I'm looking for a quieter sound while idol but some loud "throaty-ness" when accelerating! I'm not even sure if it's possible but I'm interested in ideas, option, tips, hint or any advice really!

Here's a video of what my 1.4l LT RS sounded like in a cold start up with KN, trifecta tune, and resonator and muffler deleted!

(Dont mind what I was actually doing initially in the video, tail light flash modular wasn't working when the car was running but when the car was off it did smh...couldn't figure it out so I said screw the idea and put it back to normal)

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