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I want to get the focus back.

I want to say there's sound from ECO cruze which is very loud and you can easily recognize something is moving.

I don't know whether it is ABS check or something else. I DON'T CARE!!

By the way, are you telling every single car ( or most of cars ) which has ABS check-like things has this kind of sound?
If it is loud, it may not be the ABS check. (By the way, every car with ABS does this check. It's just that depending on where the ABS unit is mounted, the noise may be significantly less noticeable in addition to being smothered by engine noise.) This is one of those things that I know for a fact engineers spend a lot of time worrying about. Considering that I have driven a few Cruzes and never noticed it, you may be hearing something different. If it is ABS, it may be that the ABS unit mounting is defective.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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