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I want to get the focus back.

I want to say there's sound from ECO cruze which is very loud and you can easily recognize something is moving.

I don't know whether it is ABS check or something else. I DON'T CARE!!

By the way, are you telling every single car ( or most of cars ) which has ABS check-like things has this kind of sound?
Firstly, WELCOME to North America! I hear Japan is beautiful (I have a friend who teaches over there)!

I don't know how old you are or what kind of driving experience you have or what difference it makes you being from Japan on how you feel about this noise you refer too? Let me tell you this though, it IS the ABS sensor check. You hear it more on our car (the Eco Cruze) because as others have said, it has less sound deadening materials. So the fact that you can't hear it on your previous Honda's could be attributed to that or perhaps Honda has engineered they're ABS system check differently? I don't know. But, if this noise is your biggest complaint with the car then I think you need to seriously re-evaluate how peddy your complaint REALLY is...and if you still feel that strongly about it then I encourage you to trade your car in for a new Honda Civic...I hear they are also a good car. :th_coolio:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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