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Device not supported

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Hey guys just purchased a 2012 Cruz LTZ. What devices are supported to plug into the USB port? I have an Android device and I know I plugged it in on my friends 2015 Chevy Cruze and it worked but this vehicle says not supported.
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If you're trying to play music from your Android device, I recommend getting the Bluetooth PDIM and installing it.
@Rsweepe, the 2012's didn't natively support Bluetooth music. However, there is a GM solution if you don't mind a small modification. Follow the Bluetooth Stereo AUX link in my sig for more information.
KitKat and later don't allow for showing as a drive letter on a computer. Google changed the interface so Android devices no longer show as FAT and FAT32 file systems, which is what your PC and the 2012 Cruze expect. The fact that Windows can treat Android phones as a pseudo-drive is due to the programming in the Windows shell (c:\windows\system32\shell.dll) vs. the native file system support found in the kernel (c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe).
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