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I've had this on my Nexus 5 on a stock rom before and modifying the contacts with Contact Cleaner rectified it. However the problem re-surfaced when I went to a custom rom (cyanogenmod). It was the same contacts, so I dove a bit more into it.

I put the phone in a developer state of bluetooth packet captures (tracing) and found the following failed(numbers redacted):

AT Stream: ATD+1-314-000-0000;\r

When dialing from the console, picking the number from the radio and dialing worked, so I tested a fail/work/fail and the following was present:

AT Stream: ATD+1-314-000-0000;\r

AT Stream: ATD+14150000000;\r
With a few more lines that are present with it actually dials

AT Stream: ATD+1-314-111-1111;\r

To me, it looked like when the voice dialing occurred it was putting the dashes in there, but when dialing from the dash, it didn't. I found an app called Bluetooth Phonebook which handles the syncing of the contacts to hopefully get them to be synced correctly, without the dashes:

Trying the trial version worked, so I paid the 2 bucks for the full version and haven't looked back.

The problem could be one of 3 things really:

1. Default app for phone not set properly - Set Default
2. Contacts not formatted correctly - Contacts Cleaner
3. Contacts not syncing the format correctly - Bluetooth Phonebook

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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