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DIC Oil Percentage Question

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I drive a 14 1.4 Turbo 6 speed with 52k on it. I'm coming up on my 3rd Oil Change since I changed to Amsoil Signature Series 5-30. Per Amsoil, based on my driving my change intervals should be every 10k. But I'm at 7,254 and the Oil Percentage on the DIC says 5%. Can I continued to 10k with Amsoil or should I change now? I went with Amsoil since I'm on the road a lot. My other two changes I've done so far I've changed around 7k just to be safe since the DIC Percentage was around 10%.
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I have a 15 diesel and for first time went to 0% on last change. I Was on a road trip and had it changed when I got home and went over about 150 miles. In the owners manual it said if needed can go over 600 miles. I would have it changed, if there are any warranty issues better to be safe. To me if you don't change it and have a problem it gives them an easy excuse to deny a claim. If you are changing yourself, keep receipts.

oh on my last change I think it was like 7600 miles or so.
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