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The indicator is based on "normal" oil. It has no way of knowing what kind of oil you have.

Personally, as long as the engine is under warranty, I'd change it as required by the DIC. That way, if something should happen, that's one less fight with the dealer. I probably wouldn't run other oils down to 0%, but with Amsoil, I would change "as required".
Personally if you are still under warranty you should disregard the useless Oil Life Monitor and go with the Mileage/Time intervals as dictated in the manual. I just went 6 months without a change and was still at 60% according to the monitor. For the first time went to the local Oil & Lube place and they didn't even put the filler cap back on AND charged more. With Chevy's $39.95 National promotion there is no reason I didn't take it to the dealer, except I called my great dealer, even made an appointment on line to be told they don't take appointments anymore, first come first served.
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