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DIC Oil Percentage Question

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I drive a 14 1.4 Turbo 6 speed with 52k on it. I'm coming up on my 3rd Oil Change since I changed to Amsoil Signature Series 5-30. Per Amsoil, based on my driving my change intervals should be every 10k. But I'm at 7,254 and the Oil Percentage on the DIC says 5%. Can I continued to 10k with Amsoil or should I change now? I went with Amsoil since I'm on the road a lot. My other two changes I've done so far I've changed around 7k just to be safe since the DIC Percentage was around 10%.
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With Chevy's $39.95 National promotion there is no reason I didn't take it to the dealer, except I called my great dealer, even made an appointment on line to be told they don't take appointments anymore, first come first served.
The dealership closest to my house (Stewart Chevrolet in Colma California) doesn't take appointments and requires me to drop it off at 7 AM and then leave it with them all day just for an oil change. They are a crappy dealership in my opinion. They do say they will provide courtesy transportation, but the first and only time I used it they left me stranded at work and said they couldn't pick me up. If I have to rent a car then it's not just $39.99 for an oil change anymore. It's too much of a hassle, so I change it myself now. I never even used the 4 free oil changes that came with the car.
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