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did you notice this strange sound?

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When you are in your car running and it is quiet, ( no radio, talking etc) every time you step all the way down on the break pedal you can here a electronic sound. Does not matter what gear I m in.... I assume it normal and part of the drive/neutral system this car has.
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I hear it too. It definitely doesn't sound hydraulic to me, it's more of a very quiet electronic whine that lasts about a half second, but you really have to be quiet and listen for it to notice. But I notice it more when I'm at low speed (like, when parallel parking) and doesn't matter if I'm soft or not on the pedal.

Also seems to happen regardless of temperature. I chalked it up to the sound coming from the break sensor that puts the transmission in neutral when at full stop.

1500 miles on my Cruze and so far it hasn't caused any issues, so I just dismissed it as normal.
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