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did you notice this strange sound?

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When you are in your car running and it is quiet, ( no radio, talking etc) every time you step all the way down on the break pedal you can here a electronic sound. Does not matter what gear I m in.... I assume it normal and part of the drive/neutral system this car has.
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Odd humming sound

I hear an electrical/humming sound from under the hood when the car is just sitting in the garage, i.e., key is not in ignition. I wonder what the car doing. I was prompted to make this comment here as the noise the thread was descrbing sounds like mine albeit I don't notice it when I press the break.

As I re-read the thread, it looks like racer114 notices the ignition off noise too. I'll ask my service adviser what this might be at the first oil change. I hate mysteries!
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