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Even with my manual transmission, where ever you take it if they word "flush" is used it jacks the price into the hundreds where a drain and fill of my manual would be @ $75 it seems most places just globally use the terminology of flush and drain and fill is not a known activity anymore. I went somewhere and asked how much to change the fluid in my manual tranny and the only thing they have to look up is "flushing" the system which is @ $225. To that I asked if they were going to change my tranny filter(which it does not have and that is included in the "flush". When I explained it was a manual and there is no filter and just a drain and fill they were left speechless. I would say the 488 is rather high priced tho. You must watch what they do and explain exactly what you want done to actually get it done.

Eddy what you are talking about the machine to change the fluid: IDK about a tranny but I know I paid $80 for my son's brake fluid change with a machine as you are talking about at tires plus and that was a 2005 Chevrolet Classic(old Malibu) a tranny may be a little more complicated than just changing the fluid since a filter is involved along with a bunch of ports. but still 488?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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