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Diesel Auto Sales increase 35% in first quarter - growing faster than hybrids

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I Didn't see this coming. I knew that sales were growing but I didn't know that sales growth was beating hybrids:

Although the national average price for diesel fuel has persistently stayed above the $4 a gallon mark for more than a year, it hasn't hurt sales of diesel models in the U.S. market. The Diesel Technology Forum, an industry advocacy group for clean-diesel technology, released figures from the first-quarter 2012 sales of diesel models, and it's clear that consumers are getting over diesel's former "slow, smoky and noisy" reputation. Diesel models' year-over-year gains were 21.2 percent in January, 42.9 percent in February, and 39.6 percent in March.

For each month, diesel sales gains outpaced the overall automotive market (which also showed double-digit gains) and surpassed hybrid percentage sales gains for two of three months. The organization also notes this is a gain over the 27 percent overall increase in diesel sales for 2011.