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Can't say I've really seen a Gen 2 Diesel up here, either, aside from a camo-covered one prior to the official "unveiling". We did pull up behind a dark blue 1st gen CTD on Sunday - I saw the green badge, and as we got close enough I saw the "2.0 TD", and my wife and I were both pretty amazed we saw another one. There's a dark gray one that parks in the same lot as us, and generally right near us, that can cause some confusion at work. But it still has gold bowties and no fogs, nor the MSRs - but in the winter, with our stock wheels on, it can give you pause.

Somewhat unrelated, but I heard my neighbor's GMC Terrain getting onto the road our sub is off of and, considering I heard it, it definitely was a diesel (and, you know, it sounded like one).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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