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This CEL occurred twice after highway travel immediately after decelerating when getting off. The CEL was reset by 2 different dealers 3 times now and has still recurred again. The Oxygen Sensor part required is on an unavailable status since Nov. 2013. This has not affected the driveability of the car. A TSB was issued by GM for this problem. I have 5700 mi. on it so far. There is a no apparent solution other than waiting for a new, revised part to become available from GM to fix the problem. Some other of you previously reported NOx Sensor issues which were solved with the currently available parts being replaced. I was wondering if anyone else had this Oxygen Sensor issue with their Cruze Diesel? This all occurred in the past 3 weeks.
thanks for the info I`am going to search that TSB at work tomorrow.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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